Welcome to RadicalPenguin.me

I wanted to be able to gather some of my thoughts online, but I didn't want to use services I don't have control over (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.), so here it is. My personal website, RadicalPenguin.me. This landing/home page will mostly be for navigating to the different links in the top menu.

The things I will be posting on the different pages in the menu will be related to my interests, which is IT, politics and art. IT as in GNU/Linux in general, open source / free software, computer security, privacy and anonymity. For politics it will be related to the environment and activism. And for art, it will be what I find interesting. All in all it will be mostly about the IT part, so don't worry. Enjoy!

Why is it called RadicalPenguin?

Oh, I know this one! I'm interested in GNU/Linux (Linux has a penguin mascot called Tux) and I can be a bit radical when it comes to my thoughts and activism (both in the IT world, in politics and among other things). And penguins are pretty awesome.

The favicon (The Other Linux Logo) used on this website is taken from ecogex.com.