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Hi! I'm me.

My Favorite Software for GNU/Linux and Android (work in progress)

I just wanted to post about software I use or keep an eye on, so here it is. I split this list between software for the GNU/Linux desktop and mobile/Android applications, as well as adding some web applications/websites to the list. This list is mostly for myself for keeping track on projects/software, to know where

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Moving Away From Google – Updated

It’s been around a year since my last post about moving away from Google software/services. I was thinking that I could edit my last post about this topic, but a lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote about it, believe it or not. Some projects have been abandoned and some new

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KDE neon – A Fresh KDE Experience!

Where did Jonathan Riddell go after stepping down from the Kubuntu project? Yes, you guessed it, he started working on KDE neon. KDE neon is not really a new GNU/Linux distribution, but a software repository with KDE software that’s rapidly updated. The base system that this project is built on top of is Ubuntu. But,

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Moving Away From Google

I don’t like the idea of Google world domination and I don’t want to identify myself to Google too much for several reasons. But are there any good alternatives to Google services and applications? The answer is (for the most part) yes to this question. I’m trying to move away from Google and it doesn’t

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