Alternatives to Mainstream Proprietary Software and Services

I will list some online services and different kind of software in this post, with a focus on security and privacy, as alternatives to the mainstream shady software out there (as in NSA backdoors and other annoying stuff). I try to keep freedom and open source in mind, but also decentralization. This list consists of web services and regular software for GNU/Linux mainly.

I’m not saying every listed service/software fulfils these values or is top notch. This is primarily a temporary list made for myself, but I hope you can find it useful. More testing is needed to find out if every service suites me or not. I haven’t tried all the listed services, but most of them. Feel free to post some responses to this list in the comments section.

(And one more thing, not every service/software in this list is free, as in “gratis”, but most are.)

Operating Systems: Debian, Tails, gNewSense, Whonix.

Chatting: Pidgin (plus the “Off-the-Record Messaging” plugin), Jitsi, Cryptocat, HexChat, TorChat.

XMPP Accounts For Chatting: Jabber,, Neko IM.

Social Networks: Diaspora*, Quitter.

Email Accounts: MyKolab, Runbox, Autistici/Inventati, Riseup.

Email Clients: Mozilla Thunderbird / Icedove (plus Enigmail and/or TorBirdy), Claws Mail.

Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox / Iceweasel / Icecat, Tor Browser Bundle.

Web Browser Addons: Adblock Edge, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Disconnect.

Disk Encryption: dm-crypt with LUKS.

Media Publishing: MediaCrush,, MediaGoblin.

Search Engines: Ixquick, DuckDuckGo, Startpage.

Privacy Manager Software: BleachBit.

Firewall And Intrusion Protection: ufw, Gufw, Snort.

Monitoring Your Local Network: Wireshark, Nmap, Zenmap.

World Maps: OpenStreetMap.

Notes: ProtectedText.

Encryption: GnuPG.

Self-hosted Software: ownCloud (cloud solution), WordPress (blog platform – open source), MediaGoblin (media publishing platform).

Miscellaneous / Several Different Services Offered: Autistici/Inventati, MyKolab, Riseup, SeaMonkey.

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