Quitter, a Twitter Alternative

Quitter is a free software Twitter alternative. It’s based on GNU social, which is the largest decentralized social network on the web (if you believe GNU social themselves). Quitter had a design overhaul late 2014, so it looks and works very well now.


On Quitter you don’t post tweets, you post queets or notices. How long the notices can be depends on what GNU social instance you use (quitter.se is just one of them). The different instances/social networks are connected with each other, in a federation-like way. That way you can connect to users of other servers (instances).

The people behind quitter.se are organized in a small Swedish nonprofit organization called En Kompis Kompis. They are the ones designing the UI of Quitter. As a non-profit organization, they need donations, so if you have some coins to spare that would be great.

There are also other instances of Quitter, not just quitter.se. There are quitter.no, quitter.is and quitter.es, to name a few. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll find Quitter in several different languages.

Other instances of GNU social which isn’t using the Quitter name can be found here.

The drawbacks with Quitter as for now is a bit instability on the services (I had some troubles accessing it today and yesterday). This is because it had a very big increase in the number of users in the last couple of days. And of course, GNU social and Quitter doesn’t have as many users as Twitter, but that’s just a good reason for getting to know the people already there.

You should give GNU social (and Quitter) a try! 🙂

3 comments on “Quitter, a Twitter Alternative

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    If there only was a real android app to use with gnusocial. Twidere has issues, Andstatus does.

    I’d love to see sth like Dan Velazco’s Tinfoil for Facebook. Rock stable, and you can share pictures to it. My theory is that no alternative network will grow to a critical mass without a real strong android app you can share literally everything to.

    • RadicalPenguin
      - Post author

      I agree with you. Having good working apps for mobile devices is important these days. Especially if the goal is to make the social network bigger, and not keeping it as a little playground for alternative people (no offense to alternative people).

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    thank you

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