KDE neon – A Fresh KDE Experience!

Where did Jonathan Riddell go after stepping down from the Kubuntu project? Yes, you guessed it, he started working on KDE neon. KDE neon is not really a new GNU/Linux distribution, but a software repository with KDE software that’s rapidly updated. The base system that this project is built on top of is Ubuntu. But, wait… Do we really need this?

KDE neon

We have all heard the argument that we don’t need any more GNU/Linux distributions, which is probably true, in the sense that a lot of people would be able to survive using Ubuntu, for example. But people do enjoy using a distro that they like that fit their needs, and there are also a lot of people who want to contribute to the different projects/distros out there. But the thing is, this is a bit different.

As I said, KDE neon is not really a new distro, but a collection of fresh KDE software that’s kept up to date with Ubuntu as the stable foundation. Very soon the base for KDE neon will be Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

The purpose of KDE neon is to have an easy way to get a distro with a solid base with all the goodness of new releases of KDE software (including Plasma, of course). You can choose between the user edition and the developer edition, where the user edition is officially released KDE software, and the developer edition contains KDE software built the same day the developer repositories are updated. So the latter is more bleeding edge and the former is for everyday users.

Since KDE neon is a package repository (more or less), you can install KDE neon on top of your already installed Kubuntu installation if you want.

Read more about KDE neon and get it up and running by checking it out here, where it’s actually hosted on the official KDE website on a subdomain.