About this blog

The short version? It’s a blog about computer related topics, mostly software, some politics and occasionally some art and off-topic stuff.

The name of this blog

Someone might say that I’m radical when it comes to my ideas and my thinking, both for politics and for the computer world of software. That might be true, so why not call the blog RadicalPenguin? Anyway, that’s what I did. Oh, yeah, the penguin part? Sure, I’ll explain that one as well. This web server is running on Debian, which is GNU/Linux, and Linux has a mascot that is a penguin, named Tux. I’m a big fan of GNU/Linux in general, plus this blog will be a lot about just that.

Why not RadicalGNU? I have no idea, I think RadicalPenguin sounds pretty good, so why not? I will refer to Linux as GNU/Linux anyway, so no less respect to the GNU community.

About me and my thoughts

Me myself, I’m a computer enthusiast, but I’m not some IT-professional. I studied politics and sociology, now I study IT, and play around with computers in my spare time, among other things. I tend to mix the philosophies and theories from sociology, politics and from the IT world, which is pretty interesting in my opinion. Richard Stallman also does something like this, but maybe in a different way. Hopefully I will be able to post some examples on just that here on my blog.

In the computer world I’m interested in GNU/Linux distributions, free and open source software, hacking, privacy, anonymity, security and cryptography (and yes, some of those terms related to each other). As for distributions, I also like to play around with different server setups, not just desktop distros. This blog will be about these topics foremost. But I will try to mix it with some off-topic stuff, art for example.

In the political world I’m not locked to one ideology or theory. I’m open to empirical findings and different theories from different theoretical traditions. What inspires me is for example socialism, anarchism and liberalism, and different theoretical directions within these ideologies. And of course green thought, which is important for me. So if I should add another “ism” it would be environmentalism. Let’s just say I’m on the left side in politics, green and liberal.

I believe there is a need for radical change both for how the Internet is working today and for society itself. Not everything is going in the right direction. Lets push for a higher degree of transparency, freedom, collaboration, decentralization (economical, cultural and for the Internet) and mutual acceptance between individuals and groups. This instead of decisions being made behind closed doors, and instead of competition over collaboration to an extent that is threatening to our ethics and the environment. People, politics, the environment and real democracy over markets, the economy and big greedy corporations.

No copyright

I have no copyright on the content that is posted on this blog. Some of the content is my own images and words, other elements not quite. I try to credit the creators of content I borrow. If I can’t find the source, I post the content without a source. If I borrow text from somewhere, you will know by using common sense. Just look at the quotations and sources.

I’m not a big fan of strict copyright laws to say the least. Let’s share the knowledge, cooperate and build things together instead. Just credit the authors of the work you find and use, if you can manage to track down the source or the author/artist.

Anyway, if I violate some copyright laws in my blog, that’s not intended, most likely. Pass me a message and I will credit your work, make a link to your website, or if needed, I will remove the content. My blog is intended as a smaller personal kind of blog. Not necessary with personal content, but with the size and goals of a personal blog. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a goal for me here. I don’t have advertisements on my blog and I don’t want to make profit out of it.

The image in the widget section (underneath the name and slogan of this blog) is taken from Stifler41 on deviantART.


Feel free to leave me some comments or contact me at “admin at radicalpenguin dot me”. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you around.