MediaGoblin Is Running a Funding Campaign and Needs Your Help

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MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run”. That way it is a decentralized alternative to for example Flickr and YouTube. They are now launching a pretty cool campaign. It’s worth supporting and checking out.

Currently they are running a funding campaign so they can release the 1.0 version of their software and add some neat features. As they are stating on their website: “We’re running a campaign to revolutionize media publishing on the web.” Not very modest, hehe. I have already supported them with some bucks and hope they will make their goal at 10,000 dollars.If you want to read more about MediaGoblin and their funding campaign (which has some cool graphics and a funny concept), visit And the campaign URL:

Simple Symmetric Encryption Using GnuPG

In this post I will show you how to use symmetric encryption to encrypt a file from the command line with a single password. I’ll keep it short and simple. I’ll use something called GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). This guide is for GNU/Linux users in mind, just so you know.


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