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My Favorite Software for GNU/Linux and Android (work in progress)

I just wanted to post about software I use or keep an eye on, so here it is. I split this list between software for the GNU/Linux desktop and mobile/Android applications, as well as adding some web applications/websites to the list. This list is mostly for myself for keeping track on projects/software, to know where

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Moving Away From Google – Updated

It’s been around a year since my last post about moving away from Google software/services. I was thinking that I could edit my last post about this topic, but a lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote about it, believe it or not. Some projects have been abandoned and some new

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Quitter, a Twitter Alternative

Quitter is a free software Twitter alternative. It’s based on GNU social, which is the largest decentralized social network on the web (if you believe GNU social themselves). Quitter had a design overhaul late 2014, so it looks and works very well now. On Quitter you don’t post tweets, you post queets or notices. How

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A Privacy and Freedom Conscious Email Service?

The time has come for me to sign up to a new and better email service provider. This time I want an email provider that is respecting my privacy, respecting freedom and is green in use. Is that even possible? Well, more or less. Read on to find out what I figured out.