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My Favorite Software for GNU/Linux and Android (work in progress)

I just wanted to post about software I use or keep an eye on, so here it is. I split this list between software for the GNU/Linux desktop and mobile/Android applications, as well as adding some web applications/websites to the list. This list is mostly for myself for keeping track on projects/software, to know where

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Eight Steps for Increased Privacy and Security

I have been reading up on privacy, computer- and information security and free software for quite a while now. These topics are very broad and can’t be summed up in just one post, so I’m going to write about eight steps that I think will increase your security and privacy while you are doing your

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Surveillance Self-Defense

You have most likely heard about the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). They are fighting for your rights in the digital world and writes about privacy, among other things. They also develop software products, like the Internet browser add-on HTTPS Everywhere. They run a project called Surveillance Self-Defense which is what I wanted to share with

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What I’ve Been up to Lately

I haven’t posted anything on this blog this month, and it’s almost over. Better late than never, right? So what have I been up to lately? To sum some of it up with a few keywords: Arch Linux, i3 WM, Lychee and web design/developing. If anything of that interests you, you should read on.

Beta Software to Keep an Eye on

I was thinking about what kind of beta software I wanted to keep an eye on these days. It got a bit messy just to remember it all without writing it down somewhere. So why not just on my blog? I could just as well share the names of the software I’m keeping an eye

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